MinGW 64bit compability

asked 2014-04-11 16:34:32 -0600

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Hello, it's my first time using opencv. I use the g++ compiler from mingw on a 64bit Windows 8. I also downloaded opencv 2.4.3. If i try to compile the code with the 64bit compiler, i get several linker errors,although i linked the libraries: image description

The linking works with the 32bit compiler and the 32bit libraries, but when i execute the programm it crashes with the error code 0xc0000142: Programm crashed

I already tried the same with codeblocks and visual studio, but the programm always crashes.

Compiling command lines: 32bit:

mingw32-g++ 76.cpp -o 76.exe -I "OpenCV\2.4.3\build\include" -L "OpenCV\2.4.3\build\x86\mingw\lib" -lm -lopencv_core243 -lopencv_highgui243 -lopencv_imgproc243


g++ 76.cpp -o 76.exe -I "OpenCV\2.4.3\build\include" -L "OpenCV\2.4.3\build\x64\mingw\lib" -lm -lopencv_core243 -lopencv_highgui243 -lopencv_imgproc243

Thanks for help!

PS: sorry for bad grammar, i'm not a native english speaker ;)

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