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are there any *concise* build directions for windows

asked 2015-08-27 15:02:45 -0600

annoyeduser gravatar image

is there documentation describing in detail how to build opencv 3.0 on windows...especially handling these dependencies!!! I downloaded Eigen (latest version 3.25) and extracted it to "opencv/dep" but cmake cannot find it and if I try to point cmake there is throws errors!!! also...cmake appears to indicate there are many other dependencies that it cannot find although it seems to build without them. Is there ANY CONCISE description of all the dependencies needed to build this system?????

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answered 2015-08-28 17:31:18 -0600

mshabunin gravatar image

To build OpenCV for Windows you will need cmake and Visual Studio:

  • create build folder near opencv sources folder and go into this folder
  • <full-path-to-cmake>\cmake -G"Visual Studio 12 Win64" -DWITH_IPP=ON -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -DWITH_OPENCL=OFF ../opencv
  • <full-path-to-cmake>\cmake --build . --config release -- /maxcpucount:4


  • run described commands in terminal (cmd.exe)
  • use appropriate Visual Studio generator name - the -G cmake option (check output of cmake --help for possible variants)
  • take a look at build logs: some random windows build
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answered 2015-08-28 03:15:14 -0600

LBerger gravatar image

You don't need to copy anything. In cmake give only include path in variable EIGEN_INCLUDE_PATH something like eigen-eigen (in this folder you have a folder eigen where you can find all includes) and it should work.

I have tested it with VS2013 and windows 10

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