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Native camera support for Android 4.3?

asked 2013-07-25 06:28:28 -0600

Obg1 gravatar image

Hi, I've updated my device to Android 4.3, how can I get the camera libarary:

Is it possible to compile on myself? If so, how?

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answered 2013-07-28 15:07:39 -0600

OpenCV native camera uses undocumented Android API, that is different in different Android versions. OpenCV tries all camera libraries for the newest one to the oldest one. So, if they do not work, some code changes is needed. Unfortunately OpenCV do not have Android 4.3 device now and source code of Android 4.3 is not still published. We can add native camera support only if have both of them. You do not need to worry about it, OpenCV Manager will be updated accordingly ASAP.

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Hi Alex, Thanks for the answer. Are there any plans to support Android Open MAX? It should allow native access to the camera, although I haven't seen any sample code of it. But it works on Android 4.0 and above, maybe it will be a better choice to use it from Android 4.0 or higher as there will be no need to compile a specific library for each Android OS version.

Obg1 gravatar imageObg1 ( 2013-07-28 15:32:41 -0600 )edit

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