Runing stereo match simple

asked 2016-12-21 15:19:09 -0500

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Hello, i have problem runing the opencv stereo_match simple i have type in the terminal the following commande

./stereo_match 0000L.png 0000R.png -i intrinsics.yml -e extrinsics.yml -p cloud.asc

and here is the output : Command-line parameter error: The max disparity (--maxdisparity=<...>) must be a positive integer divisible by 16

Demo stereo matching converting L and R images into disparity and point clouds

Usage: stereo_match <left_image> <right_image> [--algorithm=bm|sgbm|hh|sgbm3way] [--blocksize=<block_size>] [--max-disparity=<max_disparity>] [--scale=scale_factor>] [-i=<intrinsic_filename>] [-e=<extrinsic_filename>] [--no-display] [-o=<disparity_image>] [-p=<point_cloud_file>]

How to choose run it with the correct argument? also how to choose the value for blocksize, -max-disparity , scale Thank you

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