Finding depth of an object using 2 cameras

asked 2020-04-04 11:30:27 -0600

Hi, I am new to stereo imaging and learning to find depth of an object.

I have 2 cameras kept separately looking at a cardboard surface.

Given :

  • 8 points marked on the cardboard surface.
  • Captured one image each from both the camera.
  • Identified (x,y) coordinates of all 8 points in both the images.

Problem : Find the depth of each point i.e. distance of each point from the cameras.

I tried solving it using following approach but I got weird result :

  1. Noted down 8 common points from both the left and right images captured from 2 different cameras.
  2. Determined Fundamental Matrix between both the images using 8 points.
  3. The fundamental matrix F relates the points on the image plane of one camera in image coordinates (pixels) to the points on the image plane of the other camera in image coordinates
    • Opencv Function : cv::findFundamentalMat()
    • Input to the function : 8 common points from both the image
    • Output = Fundamental matrix of 3x3
  4. Performed stereo rectification
    • It reprojects the image planes of our two cameras so that they reside in the exact same plane, with image rows perfectly aligned into a frontal parallel configuration.
    • Opencv Function : cv::stereoRectifyUncalibrated()
    • Input to the function : 8 common Points from the images and fundamental matrix
    • Output = Rectification matrices H1 and H2 for both the images.
  5. Determined depth of a point

    • Trying to find the depth of a point which is aprox. 39 feet (468 inches) away from the camera.
    • Formula to find depth is Z = (f * T) / (xl – xr)
    • Z is depth, f is focal lenth, T is distance between camera, xl and xr are x coordinate of a point on left image and right image respectively.
    • Following are the values taken for the variables :

      • f = From the determined camera intrinsic of the camera, I got fx and fy. So I found out f = sqrt(fxfx + fyfy)
      • T = 2 cameras are kept apart 36 feet i.e. 432 inches. So, I gave T = 432
      • xl and xr are x values of the point from left and right images which are perspective transformed using rectification matrices H1 and H2.
    • But I got very weird result. You can look at the screenshot of my experimentation and result. image description

So could someone tell me the approach I am taking is right or wrong ?

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