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2016-09-03 11:59:13 -0500 asked a question Is there any enthusiasm for making point releases 3.1.1?

Since the release of 3.1 back in December 2015 there have been many great bug fixes pushed to master. For example, on OS X, there was a nasty bug where 100s after opening a VideoCapture device, openCV crashed. It has been patched in both OpenCV master; and we have a patch (to apply to OpenCV 3.1 source release) in the conda-forge feedstock (that we use to distribute it and the Python bindings). There a quite a few other patches that are queueing up for conda-forge to include, and it might be nice (unless 3.2 is soon) to make a release to help down-stream distributions from having to maintain a patch list.

Example bug: