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2013-08-22 11:48:08 -0500 asked a question Eclipse ignores build path? "make: *** No rule to make target"


I just started experimenting with OpenCV on Android a few dasy ago without problems. Today I wanted to install the Mac version of OpenCV, strangely now If I start Eclipse to continue my Android Project I got the error:

**** Clean-only build of configuration Default for project OpenCV Tutorial 1 - Camera Preview ****

/IOS Develop/Android Development/opencv/android-9/ndk-build clean 
usage: dirname path
make: /Users/vedtam/build/core/ No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/Users/vedtam/build/core/'.  Stop.

**** Build Finished ****

I have the NDK path configured in the project settings, but while building it returns to /User/vedtam..., folder. By the way the path the NDK Root path is highlighted in yellow in settings.

How to fix this?


image description image description

2013-08-17 02:58:51 -0500 commented answer OpenCv Library won't import, does all steps twice.

Many thanks! As I have imported the "/opencv/sdk/java" into the workspace, the library was loaded successfully. Thanks!

2013-08-16 18:36:52 -0500 asked a question OpenCv Library won't import, does all steps twice.


I am new to OpenCv, and trying follow the steps in the basic tutorial to set it up on OSx, using latest version of Eclipse.

Steps I have done:

  • Got latest Android SDK
  • Added Android SDK components, (Tools and Android 3.0 API)
  • Downloaded and set the path for ADT
  • Downloaded the Android NDK
  • set application native path to android-ndk-r8

But while importing the examples, I get errors starting from the first line (where importing opencv ) in the main activity file: "The import cannot be resolved".

image description

Could someone please suggest, where am I wrong? Thanks