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Thanks. This tutorial looks great. The problem is that in the tutorial Canny detector provides very clean edges. While in my case (second image) I have lots of noise. That's probably because the quality of my image is lower. Is there a way to improve quality of image to get better edges?

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Thanks for the pointers. I will take all the tutorials. Regarding my task. Ben is correct. I don't know what kind of photo is on the image (and I don't know the background). So I'm looking for generic solution.

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I have same images with single (internal) photo. The photos inside images are different and they are on different background. But there is only single photo on every image. I want to crop the image to the internal photo.

2013-06-04 07:52:15 -0600 asked a question How to find photo inside image

I would like to find photo inside image. Below is an example:

Original image

I suppose that first I need to find edges. So I tried 2 approaches: Edge Canny detector:

Canny detector

Adaptive Threshold (with Gaussian smoothing):

Adaptive threshold

As you can see the edges are not perfect. Any ideas how to improve edge detection. Or maybe there is a way to find photo from Canny detector in second image?

Thank you for any tips in advance.