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2015-07-22 04:22:11 -0600 answered a question link opencv with cmusphnix and work in visual studio 2013


You just need to include all the .lib files of both librairies and all the include folder in the settings of your visual project.

For example in my settings project : in C/C++ -> general -> other include repertories : C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\include; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\include\win32; C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\src; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\src\libsphinxad; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\include; $(OPENCV_DIR32)....\include

In link editor -> general -> repertories of other library : C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\bin\Debug;$(OPENCV_DIR32)\lib

in link editor -> entry -> additional dependencies (debug mode) : opencv_world300d.lib;opencv_ts300d.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies);sphinxbase.lib;pocketsphinx.lib

in link editor -> entry -> additional dependencies (release mode) : opencv_world300.lib;opencv_ts300.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies);sphinxbase.lib;pocketsphinx.lib

Maybe an other way is more faster but this work for me. If you want some example of how you can work with both check :

it's a project I am working on since two week so it's an very experimental code but maybe that can help you.

2015-07-21 09:39:55 -0600 asked a question opennCV_contrib build but not recognize in VS

Hi !

Just build opencv on windows with cmake-gui for get openCV_contrib (I nedd face namespace for face recognition) evrething works fine. I have the face module in opencv/build/modules. I also build all in visual studio. But when I try #include <opencv2 face.hpp=""> the file it's not recognized. Others file in basic opencv are recognized.

Then I try to compile them manually and I get this error in Visual studio : Erreur 1 error C2857: #include' statement specified with the /YcC:/Users/Adrien/Downloads/opencv_contrib-master/modules/face/src/precomp.hpp command-line option was not found in the source file

But precomp.hpp is in this folder. I have the same errors with all the module opencv_contrib.