opennCV_contrib build but not recognize in VS

asked 2015-07-21 07:37:50 -0600

Hi !

Just build opencv on windows with cmake-gui for get openCV_contrib (I nedd face namespace for face recognition) evrething works fine. I have the face module in opencv/build/modules. I also build all in visual studio. But when I try #include <opencv2 face.hpp=""> the file it's not recognized. Others file in basic opencv are recognized.

Then I try to compile them manually and I get this error in Visual studio : Erreur 1 error C2857: #include' statement specified with the /YcC:/Users/Adrien/Downloads/opencv_contrib-master/modules/face/src/precomp.hpp command-line option was not found in the source file

But precomp.hpp is in this folder. I have the same errors with all the module opencv_contrib.

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