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2015-04-03 10:02:26 -0500 commented question Cannot generate matlab bindings in OpenCV

Is there anybody around who recently (since January 2015) was able to build the openCV 3 beta code and matlab bindings from source code?

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2015-02-17 08:27:09 -0500 asked a question configure, generate and build opencv 3.0.0-beta: PYTHON requirements?

Hello, This question is about the PYTHON requirements for an openCV 3.0.0-beta installation in Win7Pro-64bit at default settings (default settings as predefined in what I can download as a zipped opencv source package from github).

Question 1: is python somewhere needed to configure, generate and build opencv 3.0.0-beta? If so, which version, Python v2 or Python v3?

Guessing it to be needed I did the following: I installed either Python 2.7.9, or Python 3.4.2, or both, each to its default directory (C:\python27 or C:\python34) as pre-configured in the python installer package. I confirmed that paths to python have always been set correctly and python could be found (started) in any command window from any current directory. But the CMake-GUI "configure" did never fully find my PYTHON automatically. It usually found the executable, but not any paths to the include directory and lib file. I always have had to point to them manually in the CMake-GUI. However, installing the full Anaconda distribution (I tested only for v3.4 coming with Python 3.4.1, not any v2.7.x) solved this problem.

Question 2: Which python related configuration has to accomplished, besides installing the base python package and having set the (Win7) system path to the folder containing the python executable? Obviously the Anaconda installation added something essential for succeeding the regarding CMake-GUI configuration of opencv 3.0.0-beta, but what?

Thanks a lot, any clarification is welcome!

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Anuppari, thanks a lot for your information. I meanwhile can't reproduce any of my error messages anymore! The cmake-gui configuration now terminates error free, the MATLAB "not working" state persists, though. I did a lot of things, and thought to have tested to undo all of them, but can't figure out what actually overcome the error messages. Probably new source downloads run again this noon helped. I don't have the files from the morning, yesterday and the day before anymore. As I didn't find any pull requests indicating so, is it possible that sombody updates github repositories without this beeing highlighted in a status message or pull request message?

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@berak The developers are most likely already aware about it, as it is mentioned here . Also, trying to build openCV with the bindings to use it from MATLAB this morning didn't throw that error to me anymore, instead I am now facing a new one. I have to guess that the new error occures even before hitting the issue which you made me aware about, because the topic of your issue is not marked to have been worked on, at the github page. I updated my question above according to my new problem, and put the most up-to-date information to the bottom of that post.

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And yes, now I hit into the same issue as @berak .

2015-02-12 10:39:21 -0500 commented question Bindings to access openCV from MATLAB do not generate

After some very long search I finally found, that the openCV bindings for MATLAB are just not part of the ready to download openCV 3.0 Beta distribution, but have to be found in an opencv_contrib branch here: . Sorry for having bothered you.

2015-02-12 09:37:23 -0500 commented answer Matlab API for OpenCV

Unfortunately the same here. First I thought that this very exciting project would not be followed any more. It is not included in the openCV 3.0 Beta distribution, and the original author's (Hilton Bristow's) openCV branch at doesn't show any activity since a long time. Too sad! Well, I found that the project is alive and you have to search for it outside of the master branch in an opencv_contrib branch which you can find here.

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I guess that it is not related to that problem, I at least havenĀ“t encountered that particular error message by now. The bad message which I received can already be found in the log file written by CMake during the configuration phase. I then did not start to actually "generate", because it is already clear that the outcome would not be what I want. Maybe I will run into that problem later, then. Well, I now first would like to step forward in the configuration phase and will see what comes up next afterwards. Anyway, thanks for you hint!

2015-02-11 11:50:30 -0500 asked a question Bindings to access openCV from MATLAB do not generate

WAS ORIGINALLY: "MATLAB bindings will not be generated". Reason to edit the question header text: I changed the question header text after having learned that I have to better distinguish between all the different available bindings.

The MATLAB "Not working" state persists.

The CMake-GUI configuration phase meanwhile terminates error message free for me.

Find below the original question, still serving as a blog on what I did and what I encountered so far:

Hello, I can't get the MATLAB bindings generated and search for your help. CMake throws the message:

    mex:                         C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014b/bin/mex.bat
    Compiler/generator:          Not working (bindings will not be generated)

I am running Win 7 Pro 64 bit, the current versions (all downloaded yesterday (11th Feb 2015)) of openCV 3.0 Beta, Python 3.4.2 and CMake 3.1.2, and have installed and running MATLAB R2014b 64 bit and the Windows SDK7.1 for providing the compilers. I have not Visual Studio installed, because I do not find a free-of-cost "Express" version on the MS site anymore. The new "Community" version is not listed as a MATLAB compatible choice on THE MATHWORKS site. So I prefer to stay with the SDK, which anyway contains all compilers and tools of the VS, and seems to mainly differ only in excluding to provide the Visual Studio IDE and some very advanced software development tools.

I confirmed that I can in MATLAB compile MEX files with the SDK provided compiler.

I start from the SDK Command Prompt (this is needed to avoid that SDK path variables and SDK registry keys are missing when CMake connects to the compiler) the CMake-GUI, and configure the Visual Studio 10 2010 Win64 compiler, with the option set to use default native compilers. In the SDK Command Prompt I also tried to first use the SetEnv command to already there set the target as /Release X64 Win 7 . Well, so far I can't overcome the message mentioned above, and after 2 days of exhausting searches in the internet I kindly ask for your help: Any idea what I shall try next? Thanks!

EDIT I: I meanwhile found out that in the openCV 3.0 Beta distribution the CMakeLists.txt or openCVFindMatlab.cmake files might not be complete: The following is an excerpt from the CMakeLists.txt file, around line 1064:

status("  Matlab:")
status("    mex:"         MATLAB_MEX_SCRIPT  THEN  "${MATLAB_MEX_SCRIPT}"   ELSE NO)
  status("    Compiler/generator:" MEX_WORKS    THEN  "Working"                ELSE "Not working (bindings will not be generated)")

The variable MEX_WORKS only becomes mentioned in the above cited CMakeLists.txt line 1064, and of course then has to produce, as not existent, the message "Not working". While in the file OpenCVFindMatlab.cmake it can be found in lines 160, 161, 167, and 169 that MATLAB_MEX_SCRIPT becomes generated, no code (I searched for the string "MEX_WORKS" in all files in the source directory) could be found concerning MEX_WORKS. Am I wrong ? Any help is appreciated!

EDIT II: I ... (more)