configure, generate and build opencv 3.0.0-beta: PYTHON requirements?

asked 2015-02-17 08:27:09 -0500

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Hello, This question is about the PYTHON requirements for an openCV 3.0.0-beta installation in Win7Pro-64bit at default settings (default settings as predefined in what I can download as a zipped opencv source package from github).

Question 1: is python somewhere needed to configure, generate and build opencv 3.0.0-beta? If so, which version, Python v2 or Python v3?

Guessing it to be needed I did the following: I installed either Python 2.7.9, or Python 3.4.2, or both, each to its default directory (C:\python27 or C:\python34) as pre-configured in the python installer package. I confirmed that paths to python have always been set correctly and python could be found (started) in any command window from any current directory. But the CMake-GUI "configure" did never fully find my PYTHON automatically. It usually found the executable, but not any paths to the include directory and lib file. I always have had to point to them manually in the CMake-GUI. However, installing the full Anaconda distribution (I tested only for v3.4 coming with Python 3.4.1, not any v2.7.x) solved this problem.

Question 2: Which python related configuration has to accomplished, besides installing the base python package and having set the (Win7) system path to the folder containing the python executable? Obviously the Anaconda installation added something essential for succeeding the regarding CMake-GUI configuration of opencv 3.0.0-beta, but what?

Thanks a lot, any clarification is welcome!

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