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Thank you Steven - for your hint. You are right, this wasn't very clear at all! Here is the entire framework-build LOG (see link) that is plotted during the python framework building process (Step Nr2 of the instructions here). As you can see, at the end of the python Build-OpenCV-Framework process, I receive the message * INSTALL SUCCEEDED * But as mentioned before, the resulting ios/opencv2.framework/Versions/A/opencv2 File is only 5kB big (instead of approx 81 MB) - and I wonder why ???

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2014-09-03 15:23:22 -0600 asked a question Building framework fails with Xcode6-Beta's

Since 5 days I am trying to build an opencv2.framework under Xcode6-Beta5 or 7 and I am using the steps as described in this link

However, the resulting ios/opencv2.framework/Versions/A/opencv2 File is only 5kB big (instead of approx 81 MB). And it brings me 133 mach-o linker errors inside my xcode project. Therefore clearly not what I want.

It was all working under Xcode5.1.1. But after installing Xcode6-Beta5 (and also Beta7) - I can no longer build the framework. Things are corrupt... :/ What could be the cause ?? Which steps in the install process need to be repeated. What libraries need to be deleted beforehand and how. Does Cmake play a role ?

Any help tremendously appreciated ! Thank you very much.

2014-09-01 15:46:09 -0600 answered a question Allocation error with 'cvCreateGLCM' method

Thank you very much - your answer works quite well ! Except that with your proposed solution I end up getting memory-leaks using "cvCreateGLCM" !!! What could be the mistake ? My C-skills are not sufficiant to find out more.

Reading link1 , link2 or link3, they all mention 3 additional bugs inside /modules/legacy/src/texture.cpp But none of the three links work for me neither without errors (maybe since they keep using cvAlloc - their code does not go through without an exception...).

Do you have any suggestion on how to get glcm running without memory leaks ? Please consult the three links in order to compare your solution with the 3 suggested bugs. Are they relevant ?

Many thanks for any help on this.

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2014-08-31 06:50:53 -0600 answered a question Build OpenCV framework

The solution was tedious but this link helped a lot !! I did not realize that the opencv-framework was not fully built. The python building framework process did acutally compile saing Build SUCCESSFULLY...but the newly created ios/opencv2.framework/Versions/A/opencv File was only 8 kB (instead of MB) big. Again, link the did it for me...!

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By the way, two weeks ago, this all worked fine (opening closing Xcode project did not affect the recognition of the opencv2-framework). All I did is repeating link1-procedure and linking it according to link2-procedure. But now, this error whenever I open Xcode :/

2014-07-26 00:43:03 -0600 asked a question Build OpenCV framework

Hi, I use the following procedure to build the opencv-framework: link1 It all works well and the framework is built sucessfully ! But in XCode, thats where the problem occurrs: There I add the framework according to the following procedure: link2. This also performes. But now the issue: Whenever I open Xcode with a project where I incorporated the opencv-framework, the opencv2 framework is no longer recognized by XCode upon opening XCode ! The following error message appears :

'opencv2/opencv.hpp' file not found

I have an annoying workarround, that is: Unlinking the framework and linking it again. Thats how the Xcode project runs just fine. But whenever I close and re-open XCode project again, that's when the error occurrs again !!

I am using XCode 5.1.1 on MacOS Mavericks 10.9.4. The opencv2-framework has the version

Questions: I) can the framework be built on one location (with procedure described in link1 above) and then copied into another location where it is added into the Xcode project ? Or does the building process already needs to be in the final location where the opencv2-framework is going to sit ? (and if so, how could one download a finished opencv2-framework and not building it from scratch ??) II) Could the toolchains be corrupt ? III) Could the header-search-paths be wrong ?? How do you correctly set the Header search paths ?? (is $(inherited) correct ??) (i.e. /Applications/ IV) If I run Step2 of the link1 creation process, it sais: "ln: Developer/Developer: File exists" Is this correct ? Or is that step somehow corrupt and not doing the symbolic links.

Pretty desperate for help! Thank you very much for any hint !