OpenCV 2.4.4 with OpenNI2 using MinGW

asked 2013-03-19 06:34:51 -0600

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Hi! There is a post made a few months ago, but it was never answered and slipped into oblivion. So the question is simple: Can I used OpenNI2 with OpenCV2.4.4 under MinGW? OpenCV seem to support only the old OpenNI, which doesn't support MinGW. New OpenNI2 supports MinGW, but OpenCV doesn't seem to support it.

So is it possible to use Kinect with OpenCV while using MinGW? Or should I just use OpenNI2 and copy their datastructure to OpenCV mat? I will try it anyway, but I just hope that OpenCV is going to support OpenNI2 soon enough.

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