Problem for compiling OpenCV with OpenNI2

asked 2013-06-21 08:00:33 -0600

Hello, I tried to compile openCV source code for building its library, but some error messages showed during CMake configuration. I have the following problems. if you know how to solve them, please reply me. Thank you. 1. Error1 : CMake asked me to set up "OPENNI_PRIME_SENSOR_MODULE" and "OPENNI_PRIME_SENSOR_MODULE_BIN_DIR". I don't know how to set it, since my system uses OpenNI2 which don't have the "Primesense/sensor" folder. 2. Error 2:
CMake Error at cmake/OpenCVModule.cmake:462 (if): Syntax error in cmake code at


when parsing string

zlib;libjpeg;libpng;libtiff;libjasper;IlmImf;comctl32;gdi32;ole32;vfw32;C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Lib

Invalid escape sequence \P Call Stack (most recent call first): modules/highgui/CMakeLists.txt:243 (ocv_create_module)

Thank you

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I am not sure whether OpenCV is OpenNI2 compatible. You may want to use OpenNI1.

BeS gravatar imageBeS ( 2013-06-21 08:10:40 -0600 )edit

Use forward Slashes in addresses. Kindly use CMake GUI to configure and check your paths in CMakeCache.txt (you can also view this in advanced options in CMake GUI)

Prasanna gravatar imagePrasanna ( 2013-06-21 08:17:52 -0600 )edit