3D tracking with IFM-camera

asked 2015-11-15 10:41:39 -0600

mjk gravatar image

hi, libo3d3xx works fine with O3D303-camera giving cv::Mat having channels as XYZ point cloud. The camera gives only coords, and amplitude, and the amplitude can be used to create a blurry grayscale image. The sensor is only 131x175 px, so there are not much data. The tracking algos I've found, use mostly color information also. Any ideas how to track a person (or any arbitrary object)? PCL has a tracking function, but it uses color information, other papers I've found, are mostly based on stereo-cameras and segmentation. The scene is static, so in my case changes in point cloud could someway be used, by subtracting the scene from the current point cloud capture. The output point cloud from the cam is quite noisy, there are some options to set in the camera to reduce noise.

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