3D face recognition

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Greetings all,

I'm extremely happy to be one of this community. I'm going to develop an Authentication System via Face recognition. So I had searched for the authentication system that is used in android system and other systems.

The main disadvantages of the face recognition system on the android system as shown in the following scenario:

"I took a picture of myself with my iPhone, and then pulled that likeness up on the screen. I aimed the iPhone image at the Galaxy Nexus’ camera, and voila! The Android phone unlocked and I was granted access. This works every time I try it."

Quoted from this discussion.

So the solution is to develop a 3-D face recognition system, I can acquire 3-D images from more than one angle and form my database.

So I wish you could tell me your opinion about the idea and how to acquire 3-D image from the person and any references or papers that may help me.

Big thanks for advance. You can email me on "[email protected]"


Saleh A. Saber

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