CMake has regenerated # .sln and/or .vcproj files

asked 2012-12-22 00:08:24 -0500

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Hi to people out there, i am novice towards image processing and have problem solving the current issues... i have followed the steps closely in this tutorial

I have been solving this problem since last sat and have been researching online for solution but no luck, would be glad if any kind soul out there could give me a lending hand.

Thanks in advance.

CMake has regenerated 3 .sln and/or .vcproj files.*

Click: --Yes to reload the whole solution... --No to reload the solution ... --Cancel to do nothing

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Just click Yes. This often happens when you build with CUDA.

Vladislav Vinogradov gravatar imageVladislav Vinogradov ( 2012-12-22 03:46:33 -0500 )edit