Using OpenCL and OpenCV in Android Studio (Tutorial 4)

asked 2015-10-15 00:43:31 -0600

beniroquai gravatar image

I need to say, that I'm not very familiar with OpenCL and I simply wanted to start programming, just having an impression on how the computation is acclerated on mobile devices (in my case Xperia Z1 which has OpenCL drivers).

What I've tried so far are several tutorials like the one from OpenCV:

and this here (and several other slides):

But I simply cannot get started with the OpenCL part. The OpenCV part is not a problem, but I can't get the OpenCL librarys etc. to work (Placing the ".so" file from the phone? installing the adreno-sdk?..). Does anybody know how I have to setup Android Studio and/or Windows to get started with the Tutorial supported by OpenCV? Since the NDK-Module is a part of the Gradle-build option, it shouldn't be that hard?

Thank you very much!

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