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Hello to everybody.... I'm trying to start using opencv libraries in a Java project on Mac OS 10.10 platform. I followed some tutorials but all of them fail at certain point...

at the end I found this one and it seems to work (using homebrew)

but the problem is: this tutorial is for python....

The question is: now is it possible to use the library in a java project? if yes... how?

Another question is: isn't there a easy way to import jar files in java to use opencv?

PLEASE it's very important!!!

thank you in advance for all of you

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Ok I followed some ways and I solved some problems, and now all is went good without errors

I've done in this way:

$ cd opencv-2.4.9

$ mkdir build

$ cd build/


$make -j3

$ make install

and it is went good without any kind of errors...

but now I cannot find any jar file in the build/bin directory... can someone help me?


Gonzalo gravatar imageGonzalo ( 2015-04-13 10:17:01 -0500 )edit