With VS2008 i have found trouble to compile version > 2.3.0 [closed]

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Following the tutorial i have build libraries from sources until beta 3.0.0 without errors. VS2008 'should' be correctly configured, but versions > 2.3.0 give me problems at linking time in any test i try. Before trying to solve this problem by myself i should be sure that problem is solvable with my hw/sw resources [or that is not a compiler limit? or OS limit (i use XP) or Guido's limit ;-) ] Tanks in advance and sorry for my real poor english!

I resolved the problem! It was a Guido's limit :-( I must exclude from linking some VC libraries according to configuration generate by CMake for building sample and tutorial executables from OpenCV source distribution. Thank you FooBar for push me to look with more attention at linker diagnostic output. Happy New Year to all from Italy !!!

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You don't say anything about your hardware or software (except XP) so how should be able to tell if there is a proble? Why are you using XP? Linker errors don't depend on hardware. It could (but I'd say it's rather unprobable) be caused by an old compiler/linker version. But the best would be to just post your linker error.

FooBar gravatar imageFooBar ( 2014-12-28 17:01:19 -0600 )edit