Reviving old project, VS2008 OpenCV1.0, upgrade complier? OpenCV? both? [closed]

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I inherited some C++ projects written around 2007 and am trying to understand the best development path for doing some minor changes (e.g. tune a couple parameters) to the code and getting it to re-compile and run with the least amount of work. The code was developed in VS2008 with OpenCV 1.0 I spent the past couple hours trying to get it to compile on my Win7 machine with VS2008 thinking it would be the least troublesome way to get it compiled. Then I downloaded OpenCV2.4.9 assuming it would be backwards compatible only to find that the VC9 libs are not included.

I am trying to figure out the least amount of work that makes the most sense, as I see it I have the following options:

1.) Compile OpenCV 2.4.9 inside VS2008 and pray that nothing besides the lib names changed and that the code will then link properly and function.

2.) Use a VS2010 or VS2013 (both of which I already have installed) and then use the precompiled libs that came with my OpenCV 2.4.9 download.

3.) Download OpenCV 1.0 or 2.0 (whatever one has the precompiled libs for VS2008) and link to that instead of 2.4.9 Corollary question: What is the latest version of OpenCV that includes a VS2008 (i.e. vc9) libs?

Any insight/guidance anyone can provide would be great. This is my first time ever using OpenCV. Eventually I would like to use newest OpenCV/VS combo for new project development but for now I would like the least amount of work to get an old project just compiling. Thanks!

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1.) the lib names definitely changed. cxcore, cvaux are all gone. also, win32 support seems to be fading in general , so building the opencv libs on that might be problematic. ( i can do that here, but only after adding a few additional headers, like stdint.h, innttypes.h to vs2008)

2.) maybe try that first.(try to build a opencv hello world prog, then insert your legacy files into that project)

3.) to my great surprise, still seems to have 1.0 binaries

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