NEON support in OpenCV

asked 2014-06-18 04:17:13 -0600

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Since it´s difficult to find some information in the web about this topic I´ll be asking this here. I would like to know if there is a list of openCV functions with NEON support. I´m working with a ZedBoard (Zynq-7000 SoC with Dual ARM Cortex A9) which runs Linux Ubuntu. If there is still almost no support for NEON (as I think it is the case) maybe there are some people out there interested in contributing in writing some code for this?

Greetings, Fran

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NEON support for OpenCV is under development. But it is hard to say which functions are supported. If you have a grep tool, searching for "NEON" will return you some information. check those sources for which are all functions are supported. It is started with macro #if CV_NEON

Abid Rahman K gravatar imageAbid Rahman K ( 2014-06-18 05:56:16 -0600 )edit