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Finding 3D coordinate when all 3 coordinates can vary in the object coordinate system

asked 2014-02-26 01:47:22 -0500

silentvalley gravatar image

updated 2014-02-27 00:05:21 -0500

I have the 3D coordinates of 4 coplanar points of my target in the object coordinate system.I also have their the 2D coordinates in every frame of a video.I have also calculated the intrinsic parameters (M) for the camera, the R (rotation) and t (translation) matrices between the object coordinate system and the camera coordinate system using solvepnp(). I have read from here the complete process,which is very clear.It is also similar to the process I followed.Therefore I wanted to use the same equation

s [u v 1]T = M ( R [X Y Z]T + t)

for calculating my 3D coordinates but I have no constant as the link explains for calculating s.My target rotates about the x axis in the OpenCV coordinate system.My questions are -

  1. Can anyone suggest me a way to find s? Is it definitely mandatory for this calculation or can i use s=1?
  2. Is there any other methods for calculating the 3d point with what parameters I have?
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i updated the link i referred to in the question

silentvalley gravatar imagesilentvalley ( 2014-02-27 00:04:08 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-02-26 13:01:44 -0500

Will Stewart gravatar image

updated 2014-02-26 13:41:40 -0500

I'm not completely sure I understand your precise problem, but have you researched findHomography() and perspectiveTransform()?

From one plane to another requires one pose;

to a 3D plane requires at least two poses.

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Thanks for the answer. I have updated my question. And to answer your other question - yes, i have used findHomography() to find the 2d image points to give as input to solvepnp().

silentvalley gravatar imagesilentvalley ( 2014-02-27 00:09:31 -0500 )edit
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