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Calibrating an uncalibrated camera from another calibrated camera

asked 2014-02-10 05:57:29 -0600

Aman Verma gravatar image

Hey all,

So my problem is something like this I have 2 cameras: 1. Kinect 2. Web Cam

My Kinect camera is calibrated and I have it's calibration matrix too (Calibrated from depth map) Is it possible to get the camera parameters (focal length, cx , cy , rotation, translation etc etc) using fundamental matrix and calibration matrix of Kinect?

Thanks in Advance

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answered 2014-02-18 08:33:46 -0600

jensenb gravatar image

No I do not believe this is directly possible, at least not with a single view configuration and fundamental matrix. The fundamental matrix has 7 degrees of freedom, whereas the general camera projection matrix P = K [R | t] has 10 degrees of freedom (assuming image pixels are not skewed), so that the fundamental matrix alone cannot provide enough constraints.

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