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alternate to opencv cv.waitkey in python or pygtk

asked 2013-12-09 01:47:01 -0600

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updated 2013-12-09 02:03:11 -0600

I am writing a code which saves an image, when space bar is pressed. I used opencv's cv.waitkey() but this functions only if a GUI window is active. I donot want to depend on a GUI Window.

I tried using pygtk's key-press-event, but this doesnot wait for key press. It only does the specified function when a key is presses. I have a pygtk window open

How do i wait for a particular key press in python or pygtk??

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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answered 2013-12-09 07:16:19 -0600

pyro gravatar image

This really isn't related to OpenCV is it? The official docs for event handling in PyGTK are here: There is an example at the end of the page.

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