StereoSGBM algorithm

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the result of 3d reprojection using StereoSGBM algorithm is the X,Y,Z coordinates of each pixel in the depth image.

public void Computer3DPointsFromStereoPair(Image<Gray, Byte> left, Image<Gray, Byte> right, out Image<Gray, short> disparityMap, out MCvPoint3D32f[] points)

           points = PointCollection.ReprojectImageTo3D(disparityMap, Q);

by taking the first element of this result:

points[0] = { X= 414.580017 Y= -85.03029 Z= 10000.0 }

I'm confused here!! to which pixel this point refers to ? and why it is not like this X=0,Y=0,Z=10000.0!

Disparity Map

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