Pose estimation of image from a point cloud [closed]

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I have a 3D point cloud of scene, its set of views with known poses and a new query image from camera with camera calibration data (i.e. focal length). Here is a snapshot of my point cloud of scene

image description

and query image

image description

I need to estimate the camera pose of the query image. I have found similar question on SO. My intuition is to find point correspondences btw the query image and all the view image of the scene and apply SolvePnP to get the camera pose.

My questions is whether it is right solution and how to approach it? Should I somehow use the original point cloud here once I get good correspondences btw the query image and view images to estimate the camera pose?

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please don't post duplicate questions here (you already have 2 similar ines here) , else ppl will start all over, and you waste anyone's effor to help you, thanks.

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