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opencv_traincascade.exe available somewhere?

asked 2020-02-19 13:50:06 -0500

MKuma gravatar image

I'm new to openCV, and I'm trying to create a cascade classifier for a project. I need the opencv_traincascade.exe, but when I try to compile the source in Visual Studio, it's just one problem after another: first I needed to use the 3.4 API, later some headers were not available in the include folder so I moved them in, then a non-existent library which is said to be generated with the openCV libraries using CMake.

So, is there an already compiled and working exe? I have already searched, but some of them do not find the DLLs, and others are found in rather shady pages, so I don't trust those apps.

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answered 2020-03-29 05:05:58 -0500

ComputerVisionary gravatar image

The support for traincascade.exe is not guaranteed with the latest versions of OpenCV. The open source world is moving massively to deep learning approaches without considering the "old school" methods are (still in 2020) the best trade-off in speed/accuracy for a lot of application.

Anyway you can use earlier versions of OpenCV to train cascades and you can take a look here for a lot of tricks about hyper speed haar, hog, lbp cascades:


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