Face Databases used for trainingfaces_24-24.vec

asked 2012-10-20 14:06:27 -0600

Barbambya gravatar image

updated 2020-11-11 12:46:19 -0600

Hello everybody. There are 2 questions:

1) What public face databases were used as positive samples for creating trainingfaces_24-24.vec included in OpenCV?

2) Does any haar-cascade classifier included in OpenCV is based on trainingfaces_24-24.vec?

Thank you)

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Hi, Barbambya. I have a same question. As is known, this file "trainingfaces_24-24.vec" is about 18MB. However, my vec-file created with MIT faces database of 2706 faces is just about 2MB. So how many positive samples can be made into a 18MB vec-file? By the way, do you have enough background samples with 24*24 size? I urgently need a mount of negative samples to finish my master's thesis. Could you sent the background samples to my email? ([email protected]) Thanks a lot.

Kobe隐身 gravatar imageKobe隐身 ( 2013-01-10 23:55:20 -0600 )edit