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Age detection using OpenCV

asked 2013-07-18 02:03:40 -0500

Piyushkp gravatar image

Hi, I have used FG-NET aging database which having 1002 images with different ages, I am using FisherFaceRecognizer to predict the age from the image but it is not giving me correct result at all infect the input image was around 30 years of age and the outcome from predict function is 7 years only.

Is there any other algorithm that can give me more correct results or i have to train some other database ?

Thanks, Piyush Patel

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answered 2013-07-18 04:40:39 -0500

updated 2013-07-18 04:43:05 -0500

I'd suggest to perform some image preprocessing. Take a look at face recognition and you'll get an idea:

  • crop face region
  • normalize face region based on eye coordinates
  • histogram equalization or something similar
  • Apply LBP to a NxM non-overlapping regions (or another algorithm)

I think you need more images to train. In [1] they trained the classifiers with 3.500 faces, having equal number of samples per each category (500 per class).

If you need more images, the Images of Groups Dataset [2] is a collection of people images from Flickr images. They labeled each face into seven age categories: 0-2, 3-7, 8-12, 13-19, 20-36, 37-65, and 66+

[1] Ylioinas, J., Hadid, A., & Pietikainen, M. (2012, November). Age Classification in Unconstrained Conditions Using LBP Variants. In Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2012 21st International Conference on (pp. 1257-1260). IEEE. PDF


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Thanks a lot for suggestion. So if I train more images i can achieve 80-90 % age estimation correctly using FisherFaceRecognizer of OpenCV ? whatever per-processing you have mentioned can it be achievable using OpenCV ?

Piyushkp gravatar imagePiyushkp ( 2013-07-22 05:22:26 -0500 )edit

Yes, it can be done using OpenCV.

Check also this source code and take a look at the paper also:

albertofernandez gravatar imagealbertofernandez ( 2013-07-23 03:43:10 -0500 )edit

Thanks a lot. I am developing age estimation algorithm using OpenCV.

Piyushkp gravatar imagePiyushkp ( 2013-07-25 05:44:49 -0500 )edit

@Piyshkp: Do you finishe your age estimation? Could you suggest to me the database for learning? And If it is possible, could you share source code to me via email [email protected]

mjohn1232 gravatar imagemjohn1232 ( 2015-04-02 06:38:41 -0500 )edit

hi, i have the same questions than mjohn1232, could you share source code to me via email:[email protected] ?

stheno gravatar imagestheno ( 2017-01-16 09:54:34 -0500 )edit

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