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challenging to change src files

asked 2013-04-10 15:47:13 -0600

nm gravatar image

i am working on a project using dev C++ with OpenCv 2.1 and I want to change some of the src files of the open cv. But even after changing the src files, no changes are observed in the output. When I changed the corresponding header file in include folder changes were observed but nothing was observed after changing the src files. Kindly guide me how to change some of the src files.

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answered 2013-04-10 16:10:28 -0600

berak gravatar image

updated 2013-04-10 16:12:40 -0600

you need to (re)compile the libraries affected by the changed src files, before you can see the difference

there's tutorials on how to rebuild the opencv libs using cmake, you'll want to take a look at this

btw, any reason, why you're trying that on 2.1 ?

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Asked: 2013-04-10 15:47:13 -0600

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