Do you have a plan to publish official NuGet package?

asked 2016-09-10 11:58:58 -0500

Currently, Some unofficial NuGet packages of OpenCV have been published on NuGet Gallery.
These unofficial packages has not been continued maintenance.
It's always a headache of many Visual Studio users.

Do you have a plan to publish official NuGet package of OpenCV from official team?
Many users think want to use official package that continue maintenance.


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i'm not one of the devs, but this is quite unlikely.

a lot of work there goes into optimizing various hardware paths, and to make use of cuda,ocl,vx,tbb or such options, you have to build from src on your local box.

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2016-09-11 03:19:18 -0500 )edit


Those users (who require custom configuration) will have to build OpenCV from the source code even now.
They are highly skilled user. Those users are not the target of NuGet.

I think NuGet package may be the same configuration as the OpenCV that is distributing in sourceforge.
Currently, The many beginner users use pre-built OpenCV that is distributing by official.
NuGet package would be help to setting project for beginner users.

What do you think? Thanks,

Tsukasa Sugiura gravatar imageTsukasa Sugiura ( 2016-09-11 04:06:52 -0500 )edit

i don't think, the nuget libs are the same as on SF

(iirc, that nuget project started quite ambitious, including the opencv_contrib libs, but then somehow got out of sync. if you want my 2ct: maintaing such a thing is a demanding job.)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2016-09-11 04:27:48 -0500 )edit

No, opencv_contrib is not a core library.
Those who need it will build from the source code even now.
They do not need NuGet package and pre-built OpenCV.

I understand your opinion and I think it is correct. However, I think these users who have high skill are not a target of NuGet package and pre-built library.
I think NuGet package should include OpenCV that built by standard configuration as pre-built OpenCV that distributed in sourceforge.

Tsukasa Sugiura gravatar imageTsukasa Sugiura ( 2016-09-11 04:42:01 -0500 )edit