NuGet Problems - Visual Studio Designer Fails

asked 2015-01-30 16:30:12 -0600

a_w_baker gravatar image

I have created a very simple application that requires OpenCV. I have successfully used NuGet and am able to compile and run successfully. Hurray!

The issue is that the visual studio 2013 designer no longer shows me the designer view. The references also have a weird red symbol on top of them in the "Common Properties" page (for instance System.Windows.Forms).

When I remove the OpenCV nuGet it all goes back to working but now I can't compile or run! Ugh.

Using c++\cli with \CLR switch on. As an aside, I have used opencv in this environment for many years with manually setting the libs, dlls, and incs for opencv.

Please help and Thank you

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just curious, nuget ? there does not seem to be any official support for that. so, who's maintaining that ? (and which opencv version does it deliver ?)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2015-01-31 02:26:14 -0600 )edit