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Hi, I recall I ran into something like this because I was trying to build 32-bit libraries, but the CUDA toolkit only supplies performance libraries (cuFFT, cuBLAS, etc.) as 64 bit. It's probably possible to get the 32-bit libraries, or you can build 64-bit OpenCV.

Of course I could be wrong... I also ran into some trouble using VS2015. I didn't know you could just install NSight Studio 5.0, so I just compiled and used 2013. If changing the library bitness does solve this for you, could you explain what you did to get CUDA 7.5 working in 2015?

Also another thing is that if have a CUDA capable device with sm_50, you don't set your CUDA_ARCH variable to 5.0 or higher, which will drastically reduce your compile time and maybe prevent crashes. I actually don't understand the issue here, it seems like CUDA code was compiled at runtime prior to the 5.0 architecture (maybe?)