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2012-07-09 06:36:57 -0500 asked a question Speed of Face dectection

Hi, i am a c# developer (Sorry) and using EMGU's wrapper around OpenCV for face detection - it gets good results. But, each time I call the detect method the RAM goes up quite a lot (especially if I am monitoring 4 cameras at the same time). I was wondering my approach to minimize the RAM. I have thought of putting the face detection routine in a service (though I doubt this would reduce the RAM usage) and/or accessing the Face Detection routine via a C++ DLL. This C++ DLL will have face_detect.cpp (that comes with OpenCV) but configured as a DLL and not as a Win App. I am struggling to do this. I can make a call to the DLL from c# (and I have tested returning vector<int> OK). But as soon as I add the OpenCV stuff it errors on the c# side. Obviously, my knowledge of linking of libraries is not good enough (I think i need to use static libraries?). BUT, before I continue I wanted to know if there is any merit in following this in regards to RAM deduction.

Any suggestions please?