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Thanks. That are exactly the things i need! I will give it a try.

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I nearly completly new to OpenCV. I never used it before, this one Project. So My Question is how to find a Value for those two Images. In Reality i Know the Picture Above is really low (near 0% - Completly Black would be 0%) and the Picture Down is a High Value near 100%. So my Question is, how can i find a Calculation to Scan such Objects and Get a Values from 0 to 100%. I already made it to scan those Circles. Now i am working on the Calculation, Because I need an Output for the User and therefore a Value between 0 and 100% would be good. Is this explaniation helpful?

I added a 50% Version also as Image in the Post above.

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Hi There,

I am now working nearly 1 Months with the iOS Library of OpenCV and I got to a point where I need your help!

Here are two Examples of the Images I am currently scanning with the Camera of the iPhone.

image description

This is the Image that should be nearly 0% Percent, Maybe somewhere 10%.

image description

This Image should be somewhere near 100% Percent.

Problem: I now have to calculate a value to get a difference between the two of them. I tried working over threshold and mean but the Problem is the Camera of the iPhone. The values/colors are somehow different each time I try to make a scanning try.

Because the solution has to be somewhere legit, there can not be a way different result each time I scan the circle.

Question: So I thought i would be perfect to somehow calculate the grain of the image? Because the Image of nearly 100% is way more granulated than 0%. And so the Color of the Image would not be that important. Or is this the wrong way?

Hope you can help me! :) Thanks!

EDIT: 50% Image

image description