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2017-03-13 08:06:11 -0500 commented question How to merge new LBP training to existing one?

You mean that I should upload new faces to the server to recognize it? I do want to run it offline for fast recognition. Consider that the number of raspberrys can increase to 100 units..

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2017-03-13 07:52:41 -0500 asked a question How to merge new LBP training to existing one?


I have done several implementations of face recognition and currently working with LBP training models. I can create LBP face training models and call the FaceRecognizer update() to append new faces traning.

Now, considering that I have 2 raspberry boards running the face recognizer service, I would need to replicate the XML training file into both boards evertyime I add a new face.

Let's say I have a server that holds the faces (10 to 20 images per person) and the training XML itself. Now, I see 3 ways to let both raspberry boards updated:

  1. The server service runs the update() to add up new faces to the existing XML training and then the file is downloaded to both boards.

    a) PROS: Only 1 file as training model all the time.

    b) CONS: File gets bigger and bigger all the time

    c) CONS: Raspberry will download bigger files (take time..)

  2. The server service runs a NEW training on new faces and create a NEW XML file. Then the boards keep track of new XML files and APPEND it to its actual file.

    a) PROS: Server will keep lots of versioned .xml files

    b) PROS: Raspberry will download only the last training (small file)

    c) CONS: HOW to merge/append this new XML file to existing one as I cannot use update()?

  3. Boards download the new available server's faces set and each board update() its own XML LBP training.

    a) PROS: Board will download only a few images < 1MB.

    b) PROS: Boards just need to run update() to update the training file

Does any of you have implemented some kind work like this? Any suggestion?


Regards, Sylvio