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2014-03-27 02:07:59 -0500 commented answer How do I get Allied Vision Camera (GC2450C) working with OpenCV 2.4?

@kaushal thank you for your questions and the answers from @StevenPuttemans i run the program for a camera manta125b i had your same troubles but i can fix and correct them, but can you tell me what can ido because when a run the program ii display me (in a blank screen) "This script will capture and save images derived from a MANTA GigE camera \n""This script uses some required and some adaptable parameters: \n""manta_GigE_2.exe\n"" <output folder> \n"" <nr of frames = 100> \n"" <output format = '.pgm'> \n" and when i open some key the program breaks, what information i need for it run correctly, this seems only run the first part of the program, thank you friends.