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2014-06-04 02:21:57 -0500 answered a question Detecting the largest Rectangle and Skew

hai i have found the largest rectangle and use the wrap perspective for transformation. but output image is getting mirrored or inversed, and got landscaped, the original image is in portrait. where did i go wrong. help will be greatly appreciated. here is my code int resultWidth = 1000; int resultHeight = 1000; Mat outputMat = new Mat(resultWidth, resultHeight, CvType.CV_32FC2); Point ocvPin1 = new Point(pt1.x, pt1.y);
Point ocvPin2 = new Point(pt2.x, pt2.y); Point ocvPin3 = new Point(pt3.x, pt3.y); Point ocvPin4 = new Point(pt4.x, pt4.y);
List<point> sour = new ArrayList<point>(); sour.add(ocvPin1); sour.add(ocvPin2); sour.add(ocvPin3); sour.add(ocvPin4); Point ocvPOut1 = new Point(0, 0); Point ocvPOut2 = new Point(0, resultHeight); Point ocvPOut3 = new Point(resultWidth, resultHeight); Point ocvPOut4 = new Point(resultWidth, 0);
List<point> dest = new ArrayList<point>(); dest.add(ocvPOut1); dest.add(ocvPOut2); dest.add(ocvPOut3); dest.add(ocvPOut4); Mat endM = Converters.vector_Point2f_to_Mat(dest); Mat perspectiveTransform = Imgproc.getPerspectiveTransform(startM, endM); Imgproc.warpPerspective(inputMat,outputMat,perspectiveTransform,new size(resultWidth, resultHeight),Imgproc.INTER_CUBIC); image description

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2014-05-28 04:50:14 -0500 asked a question Detecting the largest Rectangle and Skew


I want to capture a image from camera, and detect the largest rectangle, crop it and skew or transform to fit. kindly someone help.

regards, chandran.G

2014-03-21 06:48:03 -0500 asked a question custom barcode recognition

hai all,

i am new to opencv. i am using native camera to capture forms that contain barcode in android. i want to detect the captured image contains barcode or not? help will be greatly appreciated.

thank you, chandran.G

2014-03-21 06:42:04 -0500 answered a question findChessBoardCorners work on some images but fail in others

hai all,

i am new to Opencv. Currently i am using native camera to capture forms. now i want to detect a barcode exists in form image or not?. help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, chandran.G