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So, you simply can compile this sample program like other opencv examples. For testing you are suppose to run this program by passing some command line arguments like 1. blob detector type 2. FG type (forground detector ) etc 3. and the video clip you want test and as of now do not use your web cam. test it on a video clips. some test clips you can download from the link.

for more clarity lets say the output binary (after compilation) is testBlobtrack. and cmd arguments you have to pass

fg=FG_0S bd=BD_Simple bt=CC btpp=None fgavi=testClip.avi

on linux terminal:

./testBlobtrack FG_0S BD_Simple CC None testClip.avi

thats all. hope this will help for more have look at docs in opencv opencv-2.4.7/doc/vidsurv/