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2014-05-13 06:36:29 -0500 asked a question Extract image date from time-lapse photos

Hey! I`m new to OpenCV and would be thankful for some hints to solve a problem.

I`m working with time-lapse images. My cameras record video files, which I later split in single frames. My problem: The extracted .jpg-files are just numbered 001 to nnn and include no additional information. I need to rename the .jpg files each with the date & time of image acquisition. There are time-stamps within the picturesrd_00001 001.jpg from which the date and time should be extracted. Since I have a lot of time-lapse cameras I will have to automate this for all image files within one folder.

Thanks for any reply!

2014-02-02 10:11:29 -0500 asked a question Object recognition and subsetting in hyperspectral image kkkk

Hi guys, I am new to open cv and need a brief help so I now what I have to do :-)

I have multiband images (like sallite images) where I have to find round objects and write each object out as a subset imageimage description

Is opencv able to read image files with > 100 bands? Which method you would recommed for that procedure? I work in Python 2.7.