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Answer for mac users:

It seems no one has posted the location of the OpenCV Java native directory/files for mac users!

After a great deal of searching, I finally found it:

On Mac OSX Mavericks, having done a Cmake build of 2.4.8, I found that setting the "Native Library Location" to the directory "build/lib" did the trick!

It seems that "build/lib" contains a file named "libopencv_java248.dylib", which is apparently exactly what the Mac version of OpenCV wants as its native file!

As an example, for my project, the full location was:

/Users/Flynn/Documents/Eclipse Main Workspace/_Libraries/opencv-2.4.8/build/lib

Where "opencv-2.4.8" was the copy of 2.4.8 that I downloaded, and where "/build" is the build folder that I was instructed to make by this tutorial.

Hope this helps any fellow mac users!