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Currently i am developing a pedestrian counter project using OpenCV+QT on linux. My idea about this process is;

  1. Capture Frames.

  2. Do Background Subtraction.

  3. Clear noises (erode, dilate).

  4. Find blobs (cvBlobslib) - foreground objects.

  5. For each blob, set ROI and search for pedestrians (LBP with detectMultiScale) in these blobs (for better performance).

  6. For each found pedestrian do a nested upper body search(Not sure) (better reliability).

  7. If same pedestrian is found on continuing frames (3-4 frames maybe) - add that area to camshift and track - mark as pedestrian.

  8. Exclude camshift tracked areas from blob detection for next frames.

  9. If a pedestrian crosses a line increment number.

I want to know if i am on the right track. Do you have any suggestions for this task, or do you think some other ways are better than mine, or are there unnecessary steps in my algorithm?