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2014-03-26 17:08:20 -0600 asked a question OpenCV VideoWriter on Mac

I have the following code which writes a few frames to a .avi video file. This works perfectly fine on a windows machine but when I try it on my Mac it creates the .avi file and displays no errors, but the file will not play. I haven't been able to find a clear solution so far. I am currently using Mac OSX 10.9.2.

void videoWriter()
    CvVideoWriter *writer;
    writer = cvCreateVideoWriter("test.avi",CV_FOURCC('I','Y','U','V'),1,Size(640,480),1);

    for(int i = 0; i < 9; i++)
        if(imMan.returnSelect(i)) {
            cout << "Frame " << i << endl;
            /****** Original Image *********/
            Mat frame = imMan.returnOrg(i);
            IplImage fr = frame;

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2013-11-26 09:21:35 -0600 asked a question Tone curve function explanation

I have done a lot of searching about tone curves, and I understand what it does but not how I would go about creating it.

I want to display the tone curve of an image, and update the tone curve when I make adjustments to the image.

From what I have searched, the tone curve shows the original (input) value along the x axis against the resulting (output) value along the y axis.

The tone curve for the original image is a straight line from the bottom left to the bottom right.

My first thought was that along the x axis is just the histogram of the image, when the image is adjusted then the tone curve displays the difference +ve or -ve from the diagonal line showing changes between the original histogram and the current histogram?

Could anyone shed some light on how I would actually go about displaying the tone curve and if I have the right idea.