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I again tried the Facerec_demo.cpp example project. I just used few faces from the AT & T Database and my at.txt file looks some thing like this:facedb/s1/3.pgm;0 facedb/s1/8.pgm;0 facedb/s1/7.pgm;0 facedb/s1/6.pgm;0 facedb/s1/5.pgm;0 facedb/s1/4.pgm;0 facedb/s1/2.pgm;0 facedb/s1/1.pgm;0

I tried with 1.pgm, 2.pgm......8.pgm respectively as test image and i'm obseving confidence values, 2968 2432 2361 3037 2496 2458 2424 respectively... Now i tried with test image s2/1,pgm and getting confidence value as 2139..

I have the following questions and request you to kindly advice. 1. Can confidence value be used to find a match or no match? if yes then how to interpret these values for match and no match? else how ... (more)

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Hi, Thanks for your inputs. I apologize for the duplicate posts as i was not aware of the fact that, these forums are common. I will repeat these tests again and post the details if there are any issues! I would like to understand how we can decide that, there is Face Match ot No match based on PredictedLabel and confidence values? Let me know if there is any book, tutorial i need to study to understand this?. Please advice..

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2012-09-07 04:09:53 -0600 asked a question OpenCV 2.4.2 FaceRec_demo.cpp - Interpreting output of Predict function

Hi All, I'm running the OpenCv2.4.2 Sample code Facerec_demo.cpp (Using Eigen Faces) on Fedora Linux (Code is here

I'm not able to interpret the PredictedLevel and Confidence values of the Predict functions. I also checked the output for various conditions of having matching and nonmatching input image. I have also gone through the OpenCV 2.4.2 documenation but not very clear about the interpretation of output of predict function?. The Test results of predict function is as follows.

  1. For matching Input face -> predictedLabel = 0; Confidence =0
  2. For Non matching Input Face -> predictedLabel = 1; Confidence =-1602920021
  3. For Slightly matching- means i have only 1 image in face database matching this image. then: predictedLabel = 1; Confidence =1594149678.

Request you to help me understand these values. I read in the documentation that, the predictedLabel should be -1 for nonmatching images but i'm getting 1?

Please let me know what Predictedlabel and Confidence values i should get for matching, non matching and slightly matching images? Please suggest