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Hi, (I assume, that you are on Windows)

I should tell you that I had some issues on windows with OpenCV until I compile OpenCV with a similar tutorial like this:

So I suggest you to build OpenCV on windows first, then try the samples, then write your own first simple program.

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Hi All,

I wrote a program which helps you with creating input files for opencv_createsamples.


I cerated an executable only for linux, but I think, it should compile on Windows also.

It reads all your images, shows them, let you draw rectangles and choose an appropriate label for the selection.

Moreover, it can track the selected obejct on the next image, so if you are lucky, you wont need to select it on the next screen.

And it can detect objects with a trained cascade.xml, so you can show, how your trained cascade works.

I have 5 questions:

  • I would like to ask you to tell me, if this program is useful or not.
  • I also would like to try this program and create feature requests and/or bug reports.
  • I also would like to ask you to name this program:

It is named "haarselector", but I do not like this name. I learned that opencv_haartraining is obsolete after naming my project. Candidates are: objectlabeler, imagelabeler, samplelabeler, prepareimages, preparesamples. But I am open for any name.

  • I also would like to know, if my program is good/useful enough to integrate it into OpenCV. Because it is a command-line utility, merging it into OpenCV not a big deal, if I met the code-quality requirements.

Thank you in advance