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2014-05-19 01:48:52 -0600 answered a question custom barcode recognition

sorry , you mean using a barcode scanner to scan a barcode picture in android or scan the barcode using barcode reading app in android ?

2014-05-07 22:16:55 -0600 commented answer findChessBoardCorners work on some images but fail in others
2014-04-24 22:16:18 -0600 commented answer 2D Aztec Barcode localization

so just imagine if it is insert a barcode picture( ,then how to do ? btw,can you offer the data matrix barcode codes?

2014-04-11 02:17:29 -0600 answered a question custom barcode recognition

you mean recognition of barcode appearing on phone ? not adding barcode reader app on phone to scan barcodes ?

2014-03-28 02:20:02 -0600 answered a question custom barcode recognition

so you mean you wanna recognize the barcode in the image captured ? not trying to use a barcode scanner or barcode reader?

2014-03-13 21:13:02 -0600 commented answer Opencv inbuilt datamatrix reader code? i recommend this barcode reader app for you, hope helps !Read and scan 1d & 2d barcode images in .NET, such as Code 39, Code 128, QR Code, PDF-417, etc

2014-01-06 21:49:47 -0600 commented answer DataMatrix detection using OpenCV