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2013-10-28 17:44:18 -0500 answered a question Do you guys have problem using opencv with osx Mavericks?

Hi i have Maverick and i Had a problem to install opencv. You have to install command line tools for Maverick and than you can use homebrew or macports to install. But i got another problem, that didnt appear with Lion. Here it is:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "cv::imread(std::string const&, int)", referenced from: _main in main.o "cv::imwrite(std::string const&, cv::_InputArray const&, std::vector<int, std::allocator<int=""> > const&)", referenced from I link all necessery .dylib files and set header serach files, architecture, and so on. But still got this problem.

Thank you for all your advices.

2013-10-26 07:16:40 -0500 commented answer Opencv HDR_Update.

Ok I will try it. Thank you for your time and advice.

2013-10-26 06:35:34 -0500 commented answer Opencv HDR_Update.

Thank for your answer. I agree with you. But Can I ask you. Where can i get Opencv 3.0.0? I Can't find it on sourcefourge. On GitHub I found something like the whole project, but how can i Install it? Iam using Xcode on my Mac and usually i upgrade my opencv with macports(similar to package manager). If i try it it said i have my opnecv up to date.. So i tried to find it but..I have found this link ... Here is that the alpha version of opencv 3.0 wil be relesed on October. It is possible to install opencv 3.0 from the github folder?? Thank you for your answer.

2013-10-20 08:27:40 -0500 asked a question Opencv HDR_Update.

Hi all opencv developers. I have one specific question. Iam using opencv 2.4.6 on my mac usin Xcode IDE. Iam trying to create HDR images and i found this tutorial:

When i build it it doesnt recognize for example CalibrateDebevec identifier. The problem is that in the header files of photo.hpp it is not declared.. In the tutorial is written that the base is opencv 3.0.0. My question is: Where can i get opencv 3.0.0 or the update? I already tried to download these files (">1) and paste the headers files into my include folder,but when i solve one problem another 10 problems just appear. Is there any easiest way how to get it work??

Thank you for all your advices