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thanks for the help bro but i had not develop the code i am using c++ exes files given here in the link below : @v4ven27 i am very helpful if u help me on this :)

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can someone help me?

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yes by using objectmarkers.exe i crop out these images and save that data into info.txt.

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i attach the samples above and other related info

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I am using Haar trainer and classifier to train my database at end it is not not detection these pest, help me how can i detect this insect or can suggest any other method for this ?image description

i am using Haar cascade in making.I am using 500 positive images and 1300 negatives image and perform 20 stages to create XML file . below are the images i collected image description

it is working on 2 or 3 images but with the error :( image description

i follow all the steps but still not detecting :( i can also send xml file if anyone can check it ?